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Vic Peterson

Licensed Realtor in MN
Lakes and Leisure Realty

Vic has been working in real estate investment since 2004. He is in charge of the real estate purchase and acquisitions for Sawbill. His extensive knowledge of the foreclosure redemption process will help you understand your options and will tailor the best outcome for your particular situation. 


Partnering with Vic and Sawbill Outstate will give you the tools you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Call Vic for a no obligation discussion to learn more about your specific situation. 




We are a real estate investment company who specializes in working with homeowners in the redemption period of the foreclosure process.


We focus on helping homeowners find the best solution for their particular situation. Whether it's more time in your home or upfront money to help with your move, we can create a win-win solution that works for you. 


We do what we do because banks generally do not communicate enough information to homeowners and explain what their options are.




For any inquiries call us or fill out the following form so we can sort out the particular information related to every homeowners specific need. 

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5620 Memorial Ave N, Suite E

Stillwater MN 55082

Call: 612-670-0648

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